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If You Need Yard Debris

Jul 14

If you have a lot of stuff and find it difficult to dispose of them, or if they are too big for your yard, maybe you are cleaning out someone elses' collection. It doesn't matter what case it may be, if you see a lot yard waste outside your home or business, it must be removed. Don't be discouraged. Here are some thoughts.

Improved Peace of mind

You think about it almost every day when you pass it. You know it has to go. It seems overwhelming. You can do it! You can either tackle it slowly or hire someone to help you sort through it and get rid it.

Peace of mind will be achieved by de-junking the yard. You won't have any more worries about it. It will also look cleaner and more attractive, not just for you, but for all those who are able to see it.

A decreased risk of pest invasions

You can create ideal environments for different pests by having junk piles in your yard. Here are some of those critters you might have outside.

  • Cockroaches You'd be surprised at the places these little creatures live. Cockroaches will live in any food debris outside. They'll soon find food in the junk outside and will be looking inside.
  • Carpenter antics: Old timber in your yard can attract them. This will eventually make it easier for the carpenter anants to get into your wood. For example, water damage to wood can help reduce the likelihood of them invading your home or business.
  • Mice You don't even have to provide food for them to attract. All the junk they find gives them a place to build their nests.
  • Other vermin The piles of junk outside that are left unattended can become ideal living quarters or hunting grounds for squirrels and raccoons as well as other pests.


The junk you find outside can pose a danger to your safety. Not only can you injure oneself, but another person could also be hurt on your property. The medical bills that result from such injuries would be your responsibility. There are strict guidelines in most communities regarding the placement of junk in yards. In some cases, fines can be imposed by the local health department for unsafe properties.

It's not an easy task to de-junk your backyard. It's possible. It will make your yard look better and safer than it was before.


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