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How to choose the right size mattress for you

May 2

When it comes to mattresses, there are many sizes and kinds to pick from. How do you decide what one is the best fit for you? In this buying guide, we'll lead you through the various mattress sizes and help you figure out which one is best for your needs. We'll also provide ways to find the most affordable deals on mattresses in Tucson AZ. So, whether you're looking for a queen-size mattress or a twin-sized mattress, we've got it covered. Keep reading to learn more! Each mattress size is described in greater detail so you can choose the right one to meet your needs.


A set of twin beds


Other than baby mattresses, you can only get a twin-sized mattress (other than the twin mattress). Twin beds are great for small rooms and people with less space. They are approximately 38 inches in width and are 75 inches long. The mattress XL, most commonly found in college dorms and hotels, measures 5 inches long.


Twin mattresses are a wonderful alternative for toddlers and children when they go from crib to "big boy" bed. The twin mattresses will allow small children to move freely, but they will not feel overwhelmed by the bed they are now in. They don't even have to move.


Twin mattresses are a great alternative for bedrooms with small spaces. Ask the local mattress store.


Full-Size Mattresses


Full-size mattresses are 15 inches wider than twin-sized mattresses. They are 52 inches bigger than the latter. Therefore, they are the next-largest size. The majority of people are better off on the full-size mattress than couples, in spite of widespread belief. Couples shouldn't have them because they each have only 27 inches of space and are less than the size of a crib.


They are a fantastic choice for a bedroom for children. A larger mattress is a better option for those who want to grow with their child and get through their adolescent phase even though it's the most common choice for children. They're also ideal for kids with siblings who enjoy sharing an area with toys.

The full-sized mattresses are ideal for people who prefer to sleep in their own beds. They are compact enough for one person to lay on but large enough for a person to feel at ease. Since many people prefer to sleep with their pets the queen-sized beds are sought-after by some.

The large mattresses are a wise investment in guest bedrooms. A majority of guest rooms don't have the size of a queen or king mattress. A twin mattress may be a little too small for guests' comfort; however, it is recommended to have a larger mattress. This is why it's clear that mattress shops in Tucson AZ can be beneficial to homeowners who regularly host guests. Professional mattress dealers or stores for bedding have everything you require to make an inviting and relaxing area that guests will appreciate.

Queen Size Mattresses


The queen-size mattress is the most popular and sought-after. These mattresses are 60 inches wide and 80 inches in length. They're a favorite choice for newlyweds and singles who want a bit more space.


A queen-sized mattress is an excellent mattress, to begin with for young couples. This is larger than a normal size bed and can accommodate two people comfortably. They're more budget-friendly than king-size mattresses. They're not suitable for couples who do not want to share a bed as they're only 60 inches in width.


The extra room provided by queen-sized mattresses makes them ideal for people who sleep on their own. If you're the only user of your mattress to work, read or take in a movie, a queen mattress will work. In the same way, if your preference is sleeping on your side or cuddling to your pet, it's a queen-sized mattress that's the ideal choice.


King Size Mattresses


Sometimes, more is better. King-sized mattresses offer larger space than standard-sized beds. They're more than 16 inches larger than a queen-sized standard in terms of length and width. If you're looking for a mattress that is longer, you may want to go with the 84-inch California King. This mattress is perfect for couples, kids and pets! They're a great choice for couples and families who prefer privacy in the master bedroom.


All members of the family can rest comfortably on king-sized beds. Overcrowding can be caused by adding children, dogs, or both, onto a queen-sized bed. Queen-sized beds are great for movie nights with the family or Sunday morning cuddles and also when someone is waking up from a nightmare which prevents the sleeper from sleeping on their mattress.


They're also a good option for couples looking for privacy. The king-sized bed has 30% more sleeping space than beds that are queen size. This allows for each individual to be able to spread out with ease. A bed of this size is ideal for couples who love reading or watching movies in the comfort of their beds.

How do you pick the correct size mattress for you?

When you are deciding on the ideal size of mattress for your needs, keep your personal comfort preferences, your lifestyle, and the preferred method of sleep. Visit the mattress shops located in Tucson AZ, and look at the various sizes of mattresses before making a final decision.

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